Paul Murray Fine Art

About Paul and Gail

and Gail live in a small village, La Cienega, near Santa Fe, NM. Paul has been making a living as an artist since he was 19. First as a Graphic Designer, and now as a Fine Artist. Gail has been an artist all her life, but didn’t realize it until several years ago. She excels at Book Arts and all the related processes involved in making unique, personal books. Gail has particular skills in color and design and likes to include her own photography and haikus in books requiring original content. Her books, photos, and haikus frequently include her sense of humor.

A little bit about Awards
Paul has won 9 “Best of Show/Prix d’ Pastel” Awards in both local and international exhibitions. He has also won several awards where 1st place was the highest award.
“Awards are Fun!" They also provide an idea of where one’s work is compared to our peers; also they provide prizes and/or money which are very important for survival as an artist. To be honest, winning awards has a lot to do with luck but awards are meaningful and helpful.

About Painting:
Paul is passing mid-career as an artist. He is finding it harder to find images he wants to make. “I’ve painted plenty of pretty pictures which have provided a good living. I’m very happy with the skill they represent. But now I’m more interested in the emotional aspects of art and it’s changing the way I paint. For the duration I’ll be exploring and experimenting with different techniques. It will be the most challenging thing I’ve done in art. It’s a difficult process to leave your comfort zone.”

Paw Print Press

Gail lives in La Cienega, NM with her artist husband, Paul and the three Furry Murrays (cats), the paws of Paw Print Press. Her interest in paper arts began in 1996 when she exhibited her handmade paper at Amapola Gallery in Old Town, Albuquerque (1996-98) and the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair (1995-98). As a member of the Santa Fe Book Arts Group (BAG) she loves making artist books and Mail Art. Her artist books have been exhibited in the State Capitol Rotunda in Santa Fe from 2009-2019 in every odd year, sponsored by BAG. In 2014, she was among several members of the Zentangle group exhibiting drawings and art in an invitational group show at Weyrich Gallery, Albuquerque. She has exhibited miniature books in MasterWorks (Albuquerque) for several years, having won three awards for miniatures, including First Place in the 3-D category in 2019. Two of her haikus have been published in the annual Poet’s Picnic chap book at the Open Space Visitor’s Center, Albuquerque, 2018 and 2019. Her haikus are inspired by everyday life with cats, yard work, house work, and the seasons of New Mexico. Decorative paper arts, postage stamps, watercolors, sumi-e ink, acrylics, photography, haikus and cats are frequently found in her artist books.

Gail graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in education. Her early career in Albuquerque was in advertising and graphic design for 17 years before becoming a State Employee in 1990. She is now retired from the State of New Mexico. Gail and Paul have made their own Christmas cards for over 40 years, the genesis of Paw Print Press.